The Lighthouse SDN Scanner is an Office of Foreign Assets Control(OFAC) compliance tool designed for the payment processing and financial services industries. Since its' inception in 1950, OFAC has maintained a list of persons and entities with whom financial transactions are prohibited. The OFAC designation for this list is SDN; Specially Designated Nationals. The SDN list is one of many sanctions lists that are produced by governmental and other regulatory bodies worldwide.

Financial compliance requirements have grown domestically and globally to encompass a broad range of money movement beyond simple payment processing. Today there are more financial services providers in need of a cost effective compliance solution.

We provide access to a full set of sanctions lists, and support scanning for a number of transaction formats common to the payments industry, including NACHA ACH formats, as well as ad-hoc lists of entities in common text formats.

Most products in the Lighthouse OFAC compliance suite can be deployed directly into your software environment for in-house processing. The suite includes products which can be installed on a desktop and others which can be scaled to network server platforms as well as web-based compliance solutions. Please contact us to further discuss these options.

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