Scanning process

The scanning process examines text for occurrences of names or other information identified in any of the industry based sanctions lists. Two issues are raised for any screening method. First, the risk of not identifying a blocked person or entity when it is present in the scanned text(false negative). Second, the cost of stopping a transaction when in fact there is not a blocked entity in the scanned text(false positive). The design of the SDN Scanner recognizes that the cost of false negative transactions is high and gives priority to eliminating such items.

Custom list

Sanctions lists include a broad set of names and terms which are in common use. The SDN Scanner supports a Custom list that allows users to improve the accuracy of the scan by qualifying specific text as pre-approved(not in need of further review). The Custom list also allows users to include text which is not specified in the primary sanctions lists. An included entry is treated like any blocked entity and creates a reportable item when matched.

List preparation

Sanctions lists selected by the user and the user's Custom list are combined into a scanning dictionary that's used to examine text.

Sanctions lists

Any combination of lists can be used. The combination can include lists that we publish and the two lists that we support but do not publish. These two lists, the Custom and FinCen lists, you must upload yourself.

The following table shows the lists that we publish.

Abbr Source Name As Of Entry
OFC OFAC SDN Nov 15, 2018 7,330 11,638 Nov 15, 2018
CN Consolidated Screening Nov 16, 2018 9,744 13,305 Nov 16, 2018
EU European Union Nov 8, 2018 2,123 5,986 Nov 8, 2018
HM HM Treasury Asset Freezing Unit Nov 9, 2018 2,136 3,551 Nov 9, 2018
CS Consolidated Sanctions Nov 5, 2018 374 917 Nov 9, 2018
UC UN Consolidated Nov 15, 2018 1,091 3,046 Nov 16, 2018
DB Debarred Parties Apr 25, 2018 683 132 Nov 1, 2018
DP Denied Persons List Apr 16, 2018 404 12 May 31, 2018
FT Foreign Terrorist Organizations Jul 11, 2018 66 51 Jul 13, 2018
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